Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading


Need some clarity and spiritual guidance? This is for you. 

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How you feel: stuck. Burned out. At a fork in the road. Like the creative well is empty. Like your intuition is off. 

How you want to feel: Purposeful. Creative. Engaged. Committed. Connected. Assured.

Let me help you get there.  

If you are looking for clarity around your career or your relationship, your creativity or your intuitive compass, this reading is for you. My style of reading is emotionally supportive and goal-oriented: every reading will provide you with actionable next steps. Total disclosure: I'm a Capricorn who lives by my Google Calendar. I want you to walk away feeling empowered with a clear sense of direction, even in moments where the first step is some serious evaluation over a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) rather than a bolt off the racing block. 

Common questions from clients include, 

"I am feeling burned out. How can I get excited about my work again?" 

"I'm totally stuck and don't know how to unstick myself. Help?"

"I have two projects and am not sure which one to focus on. How can I best direct my energy?"

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What Happens Next:

  • Once you click "purchase," you will complete payment information along with a form - please be sure to put your question on this form!
  • You will receive your tarot reading within 5 business days
  • Tarot readings consist of a 15-20 minute mp3 recording of me talking to you (like we're having coffee - and let's be real, I probably am drinking coffee while reading your tarot), as well as a photograph of the spread

You should also check out what my clients are saying:

"Jeanna's reading was my first tarot card reading, and not only was she SPOT ON, but the experience was the ultimate catharsis. To have someone give you positive emotional guidance in such a concrete way is something everyone should experience! THANK YOU!" - Danika

“My tarot reading was SO helpful and SO on point. Jeanna explained the spread in a way that I think most creatives would understand—not so spiritual as to be alienating to those of us less witchy, but with the confidence and knowledge of someone who knows what the hell she’s doing with a tarot deck. Jeanna understands the needs of creative professionals and perfectly applied those principles to her answers.” — Quinne

“I’m a visual artist, and Jeanna’s reading was tailored specifically to me as a creative! She developed her own spread to handle my “fork-in-the-road” question, and the reading was tuned-in to my work/life balance struggle. She knows what it’s like to have passion and a need to harness it, and her reading was all about how I could manage that balance. Her explanation of the wands and cups in my reading (two suits which have always appeared for me in the past) was really illuminating.” — Joni

“I purchased an email reading from Jeanna when I was feeling pulled in many directions at once in my life and business and was seeking some clarity. Her reading not only confirmed and affirmed how I was feeling in the present, but pin-pointed a sore spot for me I hadn’t yet acknowledged that was keeping me feeling grounded. Her reading gave me the confidence to stick to my guns more and trust that life is not passing me by. The deck she chose and her insight on who I was and what I would take from the cards was spot-on, giving my not only faith in her interpretations but enthusiasm for how to apply them." — McKenna Gray

“Jeanna’s tarot reading came to me at a time when I needed it most. Literally the day I was moving and feeling so uncertain about how to make this move work for me and my creative ventures, she had a brilliant and in depth spread that helped me look at it from every angle. As a tarot reader myself, I only go to a handful of other readers who share my style of reading. But after this reading, I will damn sure go back to Jeanna’s!" — Ashley McElyea, Story by Tarot

“I was absolutely blown away by my two readings from Jeanna. They felt intimate, and were very encouraging - even empowering. I also read tarot, and every reader has a different style. I can say that Jeanna’s style is warm, deep, fun, and empowering.” — Abbie, Northern Lights Witch

“Jeanna is such an empathic and down-to-earth reader. The reading was very clear, reassuring and helpful, and held so much truth.” — Emily T.

“Having Jeanna read my cards was such a beautiful and inspiring experience. I loved that Jeanna sent me pictures of the cards and an audio recording of her going through the spread. It felt so intimate and warm to let her reading sort of wash over me. I loved being able to follow along, making connections for myself from her thoughtful and insightful reading and my own impression of the cards. From the very beginning, I was grinning and nodding my head, and by the end tears were welling up. Jeanna clearly cherishes the opportunity to read for people, and as a result she sends you this little gift of love and insight and compassion and advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Kyley

“I was moved to tears by the clarity of each truth that was buried somewhere in my brain wiggling itself out and assembling with the others in this clear picture beautifully interpreted and described by you. I felt so near you even though we’re hundreds of miles apart." — Emily V. 

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